Member Portal

All of your customers are provided access to the Member Portal via an automated, customisable welcome email sent on the morning of their first day.

The Member Portal allows your customers to manage their profile, browse the Member and Company Directories, post messages, chat with staff and other members, log a support ticket, book a meeting room and more.

We've designed the interface to be highly intuitive as the last thing you want is for your front of house staff to end up having to support your members using the platform.

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Billing & Payments

With Sana, billing your customers is easy. You can choose the payment terms, billing date and period and all invoices are generated automatically each month for you to approve or easily export and send to your bookkeeper to review.

We know from experience that there are often invoices that need excluding or sending on a later date so you can simply exclude these and run invoicing again later.

All invoices are sent to your Accounting software so you only have to worry about reconciliation at the end of every month.

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Managing your sales pipeline and anlysing your conversion rates to determine where best to target your marketing spend is a critical component of running a shared workspace.

Sana's' API allows you to easily capture leads from the forms on your website. Once captured these leads create tasks to remind sales staff to follow them up and process them through the milestones until converted to Customers.

We have a New Member Information Form that can be branded to blend with your website design and allows the customers to enter their own information, reducing data entry errors and ensuring that the auto generated first invoice and contract are correct.

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Member & Company Directories

Through these directories you can search for companies and members based upon different criteria. You can use Sana as a contacts management database to manage all your contacts in one place, including general contacts, agents/brokers, suppliers, active or deal leads, as well as active members and companies.

You can filter by location, Industry, tags and also perform a free text search through key profile fields such as name, email and telephone.

If you already have a list of contacts then we will happily import them for you.

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Reporting & Insights

As well as dashboard reporting widgets for quick views into key stats like active Companies and Members counts, we have built exactly the reports required to ensure you have insight into how your spaces are performing.

These include sales pipeline forecasting, Membership and Office Forward Order Books, Inventory, Renewals, Meeting room usage, BD Commission, Inventory and more.

All reports can be exported to Excel files for taking offline.

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Membership Management

Keeping track of a constantly changing membership base can be challenging, which is why we've spent a lot of time developing tools to take the stress out of managing members and memberships. Simple, easy to use wizards allow you to quickly renew member contracts and resend them.

Company and Member profile screens give you access to all important data, including members, memberships, activity history, extended services, discounts & sponsorships, security deposits, invoices, billing information, profile information, contracts & files, related opportunities and more.

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Meeting Room & Event Space Bookings

Assets like event spaces and meeting rooms can be key to generating extra revenue. We've implemented a number of features to allow you to easily manage bookings and bill to customers where required.

We've also implemented a number of features to limit abuse, including limits on how far out you can book, an option to turn off back to back bookings and time limits on individual bookings.

You can setup allowances for free use of rooms based upon memberships purchased and assign an individual hourly rate for each room to be charged once the allowance has been used up each month.

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With Sana it's quick and simple to support your customers using the built-in support ticketing system.

Users can open their own support tickets or they can be opened on their behalf by your staff members. Files can be uploaded to tickets if required. Any updates to a ticket forom either side will notify the other party.

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