The smarter way to optimise, scale and evolve shared workspaces.

Through automation and simplification of every day tasks, Sana increases productivity within your team and allows you to focus on your core objective of building a community. Book a demo

Why choose Sana?

The key pain points we've indentified from speaking with space owners are the sales pipeline, contracts, monthly billing and insights.
Sales Pipeline

Capture, convert and report on sales leads.

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Digitised Contracts

Automate contracts for new customers and renewals.

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Sandboxed Billing Runs

Preview, approve and send monthly invoices.

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Detailed Reporting

Insight into Pipeline, Cash Flow, Occupancy & More.

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Scale your business

Sana has been designed with growth in mind. It can easily manage and report across multiple locations, scale to many thousands of members and handle billing across multiple regions.

Share assets such as meeting rooms across locations and report earnings back to the origin.

Our reporting tools have been designed to give you quick insights into how your business is doing at a local, regional and global level.

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Billing made easy

Billing and payments has always been a pain point for coworking spaces, especially as they grow in size.

Sana has integrated invoicing which, once setup will automatically generate and send out invoices for upfront, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual payments.

Invoices are sent to your Accounting package and credit notes and adhoc invoices can be generated as required.

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Enforce Best Practice

Sana has been designed by studying and working with the most successful shared spaces to determine what differentiates them from the competition.

The tools we provide allow shared workspaces to operate efficiently, grow quickly and maximise value from both their staff and their assets.

With the Coworking market becoming increasingly more crowded and many businesses consolidating, it is vital to ensure that you're running as lean as possible so as to give you the advantage you need to stand out from the crowd.

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